All-Natural Poultry

Bell & Evans – The Excellent Chicken

At Leonards, we only carry Bell & Evans Air Chilled poultry products, the finest and most natural poultry available. 

Bell & Evans chicken and other poultry are raised on an all vegetable diet of corn, extruded and expeller pressed soy beans, vitamins and minerals… and plenty of fresh well water. No antibiotics …ever.

Natural Poultry Products Available at Leonards

Whole Chickens (All Sizes) Ducks
Chicken Breast Turkeys
Chicken Cutlets Turkey Breast
Legs Cornish Hens
Wings Poussin
Ground Chicken Capon
Ground Turkey Goose

Game Birds

Pheasants Guinea Hens
Semi-boneless Quail Squab
Whole Quail  

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